Insurance Overview


An Indo-Pacific training and experimentation network will need to take account of the features of modern warfare. First, because operations will increasingly take place over long ranges, training and experimentation will similarly need to encompass large geographic distances. official source Second, since operations are increasingly multidomain, a realistic training and experimentation environment will need to combine live, virtual and constructive operations across domains. Third, efforts to operate across the electromagnetic spectrum, or EMS, in the face of capable adversaries will be key to U.S. and allied operational effectiveness. EMS operations should thus play an important role in realistic training and experimentation. However, many locations constrain the ability of U.S. and allied forces to train in a realistic electromagnetic environment, and these constraints are likely to grow over time. Fourth, employment of and defense against unmanned systems represent another prominent feature of modern warfare, and one that needs to figure in exercises and experiments. Fifth, because space will be a domain of growing importance in combat operations, its role should figure prominently in training and experimentation. [Finance]